Orange County is the new New York City. Television lately has
created some special mystery and excitement about this rich West
Coast area that has spurred numerous dramas including, of course,
FOX’s “The O.C.” MTV has jumped on the popularity
of this blip on the map and released “Laguna

Heralded as “The Real Orange County,” “Laguna
Beach” is a reality show that tells the story of eight
teenagers’ summers. The cast, Stephen, LC, Kristin,
Christina, Trey, Morgan, Lo and Talan, are all considered to be in
the same clique composed of high school juniors and seniors.
Established as a “Real World” for high schoolers, the
cameras capture select moments of their lives in eerily clear and
nearly cinematic quality shots. MTV heralds the show for its drama,
hoping new viewers will catch an episode and be hooked by the fact
that there are no scripts.

The show is, quite simply, a rehash of MTV’s previous show
“Rich Girls” with three more girls and three more guys.
The cast comes from such a privileged background that their
problems seem very insignificant. While shows like “Real
World” can handle difficult problems of racism or cast
naiveté, not to mention nudity and drunken debauchery,
“Laguna Beach” only captures behind-the-back squabbling
and beach fun. Enjoyment may only come from watching the two main
girls, L.C. and Kristin, bicker and fight over the
“hunk” Stephen. The series’ climax will assuredly
be his choice between the two, but the question is if anyone will
care by that point, given how the girls behave and fight.

On the upside, for those who enjoy nuggets of wisdom from the
likes of Jessica Simpson or Anna Nicole Smith, each show has its
own “what did she just say?” moment. Regular viewers
will hear such one-liners as “You and Stephen’s babies
would look so cute. He’s so … tan.” It’s kind
of entertaining when it comes from a celebrity but in the case of
this show, it gets tiresome quickly.

Stephen describes the series best on the show’s website
when he states, in regards to misconceptions of kids from Laguna
Beach, “I for one am not rich, however, I may be a
bitch.” Assuredly pushed to take advantage of the now-waning
reality trend, “Laguna Beach” is merely a reminder to
any post-adolescent how glad they are to be out of high school,
regardless how much sun and surf the coast has to offer.


Rating: 1 out of 5 stars.

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