As of late, the great state of California has been a breeding ground for new and upcoming rock bands. Within a year, countless bands have broken into mainstream music, most notably Papa Roach, the Deftones and Linkin Park.

Paul Wong
Radford of Onesidezero gives it his all.<br><br>ANDY SCHWEGLER/Daily

Now Onesidezero has their eyes set on a piece of the rock pie. Having just recently signed with Maverick records and fresh out of the studio with their amazing new release Is This Room Getting Smaller, the band was itching to hit the nation”s highways to promote their new album.

One of their stops with punk-rock band Zebrahead was St. Andrews Hall. A mistake on the venue”s part for not booking a local band made the wait almost two hours before openers Onesidezero hit the stage. With anxious punk rockers en masse, the energy level of the crowd for Onesidezero was about as high as a hung over college student in 90-degree weather.

This didn”t stop the band from pulling off one of the tightest sets seen at St. Andrews to date. Lead Singer Jasan Radford was absolutely perfect for every song giving an almost Maynard Keenan experience. Beautiful high and low melodies, along with mesmerizing screams engulfing the entire audience as well as the bowels of the old church. Since only a few people were even moving during the first few songs, Radford jumped into the crowd and joined the mosh pit, erupting the venue. All this while the rest of the band was pulling off complex chords and beats with ease.

The music of Onesidezero has a very unique sound, almost Tool-esque. Bassist Cristian Hernandez and drummer Rob Basile created an amazing combo. Every song had a unique twist and can go in any direction, making them a joy to hear time after time, along with some very catchy hooks that make it easily marketable for the radio.

If you weren”t at the show to experience the amazing amount of energy this band puts out, shame on you!

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