Advice to those trying to squeeze a few parties in during the last few weeks of the semester: solve the winter (and final exam) blues by hosting a funky, heavy dance party.

With our town freezing itself shut, it’s difficult to find (or go to) very many parties. This week’s High Society dishes out a little advice instead.

The Daily has written about soul clubs and soul proms, and I’ve recently had the pleasure of stumbling upon parties with surprise DJs and last-minute live bands who favor all sorts of funk, old-school hip hop and allow guest covers of Herbie Hancock.

But for those who want to throw a similar deal and have yet to, or would like to encourage this overall hip behavior, here’s some hints in terms of dance moves – because grinding all up on your partner, however fun (and yes, we have covered this in an earlier column), doesn’t always work to remixed Stevie Wonder.

Just as ways of dress have come full circle in the last 20 years (high waisted pants, patriotic-striped headgear), so can the dancing.


Finger snaps, possibly combined with some arms pumping up and down so you can look a bit like Al Pacino in “Cruising.” (But let’s not get into “Cruising.”)

Dance moves that look as if you’re doing something else other than dancing, i.e. scrambling up a slippery slope with your hands, aping Linus from Charlie Brown small steps (because of those tight jeans) and accented stomps (to show off those kid boots).

Combine, if you like, by stomping one foot and quickly circling around in small steps until you come full circle.

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