Ann Arbor voters’ attention has been lured into the 4th Ward Ann Arbor City Council race as write-in candidate “Twenty Pound Carp” made a splash by announcing his candidacy for the seat.

According to a Twitter account, @TwentyPoundCarp, the carp is an Ann Arbor native that resided in a pond in Ann Arbor’s West Park but was removed one year ago after city officials claimed it was destroying the pond’s ecosystem.

The Ann Arbor News reported in November 2012 that a 20-inch-long, 20-pound carp was pulled from a small pond, then released into the Huron River. The fish was removed due to its destruction of surrounding vegetation.

Twenty Pound Carp wrote in an e-mail interview that his campaign platform is centered on economic reform and “fiscal responsibility.”

“A return to Ann Arbor’s past glories and prosperity for all … I fully expect we can retain recent university graduates in Ann Arbor rather than lose them to Chicago, where the abattoirs cast but the merest shadow their former greatness,” the Twitter user wrote.

It added that securing the city’s borders is another aspect of the campaign.

“With the destruction of Blimpy Burgers, I have proposed the immediate construction of a series of glacis and escarpments, ravelins and Parrott gun installations to encircle critical strategic points such as Dominick’s and the Fleetwood Diner,” the user wrote.

Twenty Pound Carp wrote that if elected, it would encourage the city to work with the federal government to build canals for its fellow aquatic creatures, creating “the Venice of Washtenaw County.”

The user declined to disclose its exact residence, but is working with the city to come to an agreement on residency in Ward 4.

The campaign appears to be going swimmingly with 172 Twitter followers as of Sunday afternoon.

“Campaign rolls on, we have momentum. I’m focusing on the Fourth ward, but can’t help it if supporters stray across borders,” @TwentyPoundCarp tweeted on Oct. 30 in response to questions about the support spawning across Ann Arbor.

Fourth Ward candidate Jack Eaton, a Democrat who is the only candidate on the ward’s ballot, said he’s kept a good sense of humor about the new candidate, mentioning that he and the carp follow each other on Twitter.

“I take it with the humor that’s intended,” Eaton said.

Eaton also said the carp has not yet filed for candidacy, which is required before the election for the votes to be counted. Additionally, the carp currently resides in the Huron River, which does not fall within the jurisdiction of the fourth ward, leading to some fishy circumstances surrounding the legitimacy of the campaign.

If elected, Twenty Pound Carp would be the self-described “bottom feeder” to serve on city council and would likely give a new fresh-water face to the council while giving voice to the long underrepresented residents of Ann Arbor’s ponds and rivers.

Twenty Pound Carp also tweeted that, if elected, it hopes to have its special needs accommodated so that it can attend council meetings, though details of those logistics are still unclear.

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