Lately, Hollywood seems to be rehashing every plot possible. Now it’s even recycling the actors. Obviously Gabrielle Union forgot who she was in “10 Things I Hate About You” because her new movie, “Deliver Us From Eva,” is almost the same exact story. In “10 Things,” Union’s best friend’s sister is the biggest bitch in the school and her would-be wooers are forced to employ a suiter to tame the shrew. In “Deliver Us,” Union assumes the role of the bitch and LL Cool J gets paid for the service of breaking her down.

Todd Weiser
Courtesy of Focus Features
Mama said knock YOU out!

Ray’s (LL Cool J, “Toys”) attempt to tame the wild and vicious Eva (Union) provides the only bright spot in this pitch-black attempt at a romantic comedy. He is on the job to help his three friends who are dating Eva’s three sisters and can no longer put up with Eva’s interference in their relationships and lives. Eva assumed the role of guardian and protector in the family after her parents’ deaths, and now she is taking the job a little too seriously.

Eva’s sisters are completely dependent on her, and their respective other halves fail every time they try to stand up to her. This could be due in part to the poor dialogue given to these three men. Almost all of their lines are adolescent, while the script provides Eva the wherewithal to recite enumerable facts and values as if she were an encyclopedia.

LL Cool J is perfectly cast as Ray, the slick, smooth player that can get any woman he wants, and sometimes, any two women. His pick up lines are perfectly timed and executed, and eventually break down Eva’s emotional force field. Eva is a great role for the up-and-coming actress Gabrielle Union. In the end, the audience just loves her but not the movie.

2 Stars

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