Over the summer, while spending some time with my high school-aged darling of a cousin, she bragged to me about going to “Live! With Regis and Kelly” and seeing the one and only Kelly Clarkson interviewed in person. Not really knowing who Clarkson was (OK, I know who she is, I just don’t care), I asked her who else was on the show. She shrugged. My uncle then butted in, offering a grunt of a name – Arnold. My cousin did not know who Arnold Schwarzenegger was!

Initially I was shocked, but then I realized how possible it was that a teenager could be unaware of the former megastar. The last decade has not been too good to Arnold.

How quickly things can change. “Terminator 3” was a mild success for the summer, but a blockbuster for the box-office thirsty Arnold. But it was the governorship that reminded people Mr. Maria Shriver still existed.

Now’s the time for studios to capitalize off of his born again popularity. The newest example is the re-release of a 1999 4-DVD collection. “Commando” and “Running Man” are pure “Me-Decade” violence-to-the-extreme trash, but they’re still fun as hell. “Predator” is a classic and “Total Recall” is Paul Verhoeven at his best.

However, the features (which would have been OK for 1999 DVD collectors) just aren’t up to 2003 standards. All four include their original theater trailers. Yippee! To be fair, only “Total Recall” has received the full-out DVD treatment at all, but still, that version is not included here.

For a quick stashing away of some of your favorite Arnold flicks, the reasonably priced set serves you well. If you demand a little more from your DVDs, then vote no on this recall.


Movies: 3 stars.

Picture/Sound: 2.5 stars.

Features: 0.5 stars.





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