The New Deal, The New Deal Jive Records

Paul Wong
Courtesy of CBS

Toronto based techno band The New Deal have taken their members” roots in Canadian jazz and fused it into their music. Founded in 1998 by way of a random improvisational session, they use a bass guitar, drums and horns for the baseline and leave the texture for electronic beats.

This self-titled album is the band”s third (it was preceded by two EPs including the acclaimed This is Live both released in “98 on the band owned-and-operated label. Now that they are in the big time with Jive records, and pressing for LP status, they have managed to drag this album out with too many tracks. The album opens with intensity and peaks thereafter with tracks like “Receiver,” “Technobeam” and “The Ray Parker Suite” but lulls between them. Then again, who would ever expect staying power from three Canadian males?

I do have to hand it to these guys they have been successful in what so many try by mixing techno with another genre of music. If you are looking for parallels, I found mine with Rinocerose, later Daft Punk and a one timer know as Pilgrims of The Mind. Go out and buy this album if you want something new to listen to that is different and won”t test your horizons, but don”t waste your lunch money on it.

Grade: B

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