The North Campus Research Complex abruptly announced it is temporarily closing its cafeteria doors this Monday after the University fired its food service provider Friday for an alleged contractual dispute.

The catering company, Opus One Catering, which provided meals for the NCRC’s Building 18 was fired after the University claimed a breach in the terms of a three-year agreement.

According to a statement released by the University’s Dining Services, the eating locations on the east and west sides of the complex will be closed indefinitely.

“This change was not anticipated and we apologize for the inconvenience. We are working to re-establish a food service provider as quickly as possible,” the statement said.

The NCRC complex has been part of the University’s campus since its acquisition from the Pfizer pharmaceutical company in 2009. It is chiefly comprised of research and office space, in which Opus provided dining service to those working in or attending events at the complex.

University spokesman Rick Fitzgerald said for students the temporary discontinuation of services would be little more than inconvenient.

“It certainly could affect some students in the North Campus area, but doesn’t affect Michigan dining at all for the resident program,” Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald did not discuss the specifics of the contract between the University and Opus, which was set to expire Aug. 31, though he recapitulated the transgressions of the Opus catering services.

Tara Ahmet, NCRC Facilities Project Coordinator, denied comment.

At this time, the University’s Dining Services are filling in temporarily until a replacement catering service is named.

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