It seems as though NBC is slowly changing from a respected cable network to a crappier version of the Game Show Network.

The network’s new game show, “My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad,” pits fathers against each other in embarrassing (to watch) contests, while their brats shriek encouragement from the sidelines. You can thank the writers strike for this one.

Aside from the disconcerting competition for a child’s love, “Dad’s” contests – Disney-themed trivia quizzes, launching kids toward a target – are completely unentertaining. Where’s the “birds and the bees” contest, where each dad competes to give the best sex talk to his their child? Or the competition to see which dad can stay up the latest waiting for his teenage daughter to come home after she sneaks out? These would be a hell of a lot more fun to watch than four middle-aged men batting newspapers away with a tennis racket and a frying pan.

If this show does anything right, it’s proving kids can drive people to do some regrettable things.

“My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad”

Rating:1 out of 5 stars

Mondays at 9 p.m.


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