Dave Meyers’s life has changed significantly since he first entered the music business as an “abused intern” — running errands, fetching fruit and making copies.

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Invaluable internships and hundreds of music videos later, Dave is now one of the most respected and well-established video directors and has won seven MTV Video Music Awards. Working with artists such as Missy Elliot, Lil’ Jon, Creed and No Doubt, he is the most sought after director for any artist looking to transform a chart topping song into a visual masterpiece.

“All you have to have is passion and interest. No experience necessary, just passion,” Meyers said.

“I’ve done so many videos that I am less and less interested in keeping that hustle going, and I’m more interested in doing the occasional video that really touches me.”

Working with diverse clients in multiple mediums, Dave continually delivers stellar material. “I’ve done many smaller groups. It’s just a matter of me being a fan of their particular music. I own a video company that actually did the Modest Mouse video (“Ocean Breathes Salty”) — the one where they are in the cornfield. So I’ve supported (indie music) in that way.”

Besides assisting smaller bands such as Modest Mouse in getting a big break, Dave also works with young directors through Radical.Media and other companies.

“Radical.Media is the largest commercial production house in the world,” he said. “Their primary focus was commercials, so I made a deal with them, that if I could become a part owner with them that we’d open up a video music shop. Their benefit is that I groom these young directors into the future of commercial directors.”

Recently, Meyers has moved into other mediums to flex his creative muscles.

“After doing over 190 (music videos), my interest has kind of dwindled … It’s sort of like Jay-Z retiring at the top. If I’m tired of the 20-hour days and all that stuff, commercials are a 10-hour day with six shots a day. It’s a much easier load. When I find the right script, I think that movies will be the place that I enjoy the most.”

Surrounded by artistic egos like Janet Jackson and Dave Matthews, Meyers holds his ground and retains his professionalism and authority.

“They’ve seen what I do so big stars get reassurance that it’s going to get some rotation and people are going to care about it,” Meyers explained.

Eager to share his success, Dave has recently collaborated with MasterCard, Major League Baseball, Universal Studios and the Vans Warped Tour to give 36 college students a chance to break into entertainment with internships across the nation — the “Priceless Experience” program.

“I know the value of an internship that works versus one that doesn’t work, and I think that MasterCard has done a very good job of creating a priceless experience by opening the right doors for kids to experience the right people and things. So I just wanted to support a program like that because it’s a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience for people just beginning their journey.”


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