In the video for “Power Trip,” the first single off of his upcoming sophomore release Born Sinner, J Cole hearkens back to crafting the powerful and vivid stories that helped make him famous. In the song, Cole mentions “Dreams,” a track off of The Warm Up in which he becomes increasingly obsessed with a girl to the point of fantasizing about killing her boyfriend. “Power Trip,” is a continuation of that final verse.

J Cole feat. Miguel

“Power Trip”
Roc Nation

The video, which follows Cole as he plots the murder of this woman’s boyfriend, is twisted, dark and somewhat unexpected from Cole.

The tension is palpable from video’s start, showing Cole distracted and lost in the haze of a neon-lit strip club.
The video then tells the story over, and Cole plays the part of obsessive stalker eerily well. The featured guest on the song, R&B singer Miguel, is cleverly cast as the boyfriend, and Cole watches the two of them in their house from his car.
Cunningly demented and impressively original, “Power Trip” is proof that J Cole is still the exceptional creative artist he’s always been and that Born Sinner is deserving of the high expectations already placed on it.

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