If your world was shattered by the electronic turn Sufjan Stevens took in his last album, you may want to start gathering pitchforks and torches now.

Museum Day

s / s / s

The indie-folk superstar, joined by Son Lux and rapper Serengeti under the moniker s/ s/ s, has just released “Museum Day” — a song that replaces buttery vocals with Auto-Tune and is virtually devoid of any of Sufjan’s well-loved acoustic guitar.

The song is a far cry from the Stevens the music world once knew, droning on with slow, stifled energy and fluttering sound effects for six minutes flat. This Stevens doesn’t welcome listeners into his memory-scape, but creates a cold distance from them instead.

“Museum Day” ’s electro-vocals are too abstract to be endearing, as is the hookline “I am recoloring” that echoes throughout the track.

It’s catchy, no doubt, but nothing more than that — especially when you factor in Serengeti’s mediocre lyrics (“Double double triple dare / Yeah let’s get out of here”) and forced rhymes that flop in every verse.

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