A 34-year-old man was mugged early yesterday morning on
Washtenaw Avenue near Observatory Street, according to Ann Arbor
Police Department reports.

The victim was walking near the 1300 block of Washtenaw near
Mack Street at about 2 a.m., on his way to a gas station on
Catherine Street to buy cigarettes. Two men, one of whom he
identified as his ex-wife’s boyfriend, approached him.

“There were two subjects — one asked to bum
cigarettes. (The victim) said no, continued walking, and was jumped
from behind,” AAPD Lt. Mark Hoornstra said.

Both men began to hit the victim on the back of his head with
their hands, and one stole money from him, although he could not
identify which man took the cash. The victim reported feeling
dizzy, but did not receive medical treatment.

“They reached into his sweatpants, removed his wallet,
took the $100 from it, threw the wallet on the ground and took off
running,” Hoornstra said.

The victim described one suspect as a white male, about 6-foot-1
in height, 20 to 25 years old, with short brown hair and a muscular
build. The other suspect was a 6-feet-3 black male, also with a
muscular build. AAPD reports do not indicate which suspect is the
boyfriend of the victim’s ex-wife.

“The victim recognized one suspect as his ex-wife’s
boyfriend, so this is not a stranger-related thing here,”
Hoornstra said.

Despite two other muggings reported since April 3 — one in
downtown Ann Arbor and one near McKinley Avenue — Hoornstra
said the incident does not seem to be related to others, because
the victim was able to identify one of the suspects.

Hoornstra said the incident is still being investigated by AAPD

Although the incident occurred near campus, Hoornstra said the
AAPD does not think any of the persons involved are affiliated with
the University. “It does not look as though this person has
any affiliation with the University either. I don’t think any
of them do. Even though he is living in the 1300 block of
Washtenaw, which is primarily the student area, (the report)
doesn’t show him as being a student at U of M,”
Hoornstra said.

The victim reported the incident to the police at about 2:05
a.m. yesterday. The AAPD cannot release the names of the suspects
until after they have been arrested and arraigned.

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