The much anticipated “Resolution against the War on Iraq” was tabled for two weeks after some discussion at last night’s Michigan Student Assembly meeting.

MSA representative and resolution sponsor Matthew Wittmann said he and other resolution sponsors wanted more time to mobilize student support, although 700 students have already signed the petition against a possible war in Iraq.

“We decided to get more students to sign the petition for the resolution and get more sponsors,” Wittmann said.

Some objections to delaying the voting on the Iraq resolution were expressed.

MSA rep. Thomas Wharry said he objected delaying the voting because it might be used in an effort to swing votes to certain parties for the upcoming election.

Resolution sponsor Tim Reynolds said by tabling the resolution it will give students on both sides of the issue an opportunity to gain more support.

Some complaints about the resolution are that it is beyond MSA’s scope and that the resolution does not represent the entire student body.

A “Proposed Amendment to the Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities” was also passed at last night’s meeting.

Students Rights Commission co-chair Andrew Block said the proposed amendment, to be approved by the University administration, would shrink the area considered campus from Ann Arbor city limits to University-controlled property or adjacent public property.

This admedment could potentially affect students who violate the statement on or off campus.

“We feel that the amendment expresses legitimate concerns of students and also takes in account the legitimate concerns of the administration,” Block said.

“So we think it has a good chance of passing,” he added.

Behavior that occurs outside University-controlled property can still violate the statement but only for more serious violations.

One representative said the Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities should apply everywhere not just in or adjacent to University buildings.

Another complaint brought up a representative was that the amendment does not specify the limits of the adjacent area to University buildings.

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