Laban King, a Michigan Student Assembly representative, resigned
at Tuesday’s meeting after expressing his disappointment in
student government and saying that MSA is not a place for

“We haven’t reached our full potential because we
don’t have the right representatives at the table,”
said King, a member of the Students First party.

“Most importantly, I need to enjoy my college experience,
and I don’t feel comfortable spending all these hours with
MSA and not having anything to show to my community,” said
King, an LSA sophomore. “Once the campaigning is done, it
seems that’s when the concern is over,” King added.

MSA President Jason Mironov and Vice President Jenny Nathan said
they are dedicated to having a diverse and open assembly.

“When Jenny and I ran for the Michigan Student Assembly,
one of our major goals was to create an environment where anyone,
regardless of gender, religion, creed, race, sexual preference.
… anyone would feel comfortable,” said Mironov.
“While I am saddened by Laban’s resignation, I’m
happy to report that the Assembly reflects the type of diversity
envisioned by this campaign promise.”

Mironov said he would keep the assembly open to all issues and
concerns of any communities at the University.

“I will also continue to be pro-active and ensure that I
am educated on the issues affecting these communities, and it is my
hope that my fellow executives and representatives will do the
same,” he said.

Late Tuesday night at the MSA meeting, assembly members
officially supported affirmative action in the University’s
admissions process by passing a resolution. The approval of the
resolution will permit MSA to send letters to The Michigan Daily
and University President Mary Sue Coleman, voicing their support of
the affirmative action policies.

LSA junior Monica Smith, a representative, encouraged the
representatives to support the affirmative action resolution.

“As a sociology major, it’s interesting that almost
all people say they support equal rights but we get to see
people’s true self when they’re being asked to do
something to support equality,” Smith said. “Other
schools are looking at us as leaders, and we should step up and be

But MSA representative Ian Fette said he thinks that MSA should
be addressing affirmative action through debate and not through
this resolution.

“We don’t speak for the student voice and we should
be sponsoring debate, not a letter,” Fette said.

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