The Michigan Student Assembly unanimously approved a resolution at its meeting last night supporting a new system for Wolverine Access to display degree audits and grade point averages for students working toward dual degrees.

Students in all cross-college programs must currently audit their own schedules in each college they’re enrolled in. The resolution specifically endorses reform of Wolverine Access to display degree audits and transfers from both colleges on the same online document for students pursuing dual degrees in the Ross School of Business and the College of Engineering.

Drafted through an MSA partnership with the Society of Business Engineers, a campus group made up of students enrolled in both the College of Engineering and the Ross School of Business, the resolution states that “the lack of appropriate grade point averages appearing on the transcript complicates the process of, and/or places (students) at a disadvantage when applying for a job or future studies.”

The resolution originally endorsed the reform of degree audits on Wolverine Access for all cross-college programs, but the resolution’s authors decided that limiting the scope of the resolution to Business and Engineering students would make implementation more feasible.

Interim MSA Vice President Sean Walser said in an interview after the meeting that the University of Michigan Engineering Council recently passed a similar resolution. Both resolutions will now be sent to Business School Dean Robert Dolan, Engineering Dean David Munson, BBA Program Director Scott Moore and Engineering Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education James Holloway.

The resolution was written by Society of Business Engineers president Zubair Ahsan, Society of Business Engineers vice president Uppili Rajagopalan and Society of Business Engineers member Arshabh Sarda. All three are both Business and Engineering students. Walser and MSA Engineering Rep. Kyle Summers also contributed to the resolution.

Walser said he hopes the next step will be for the authors of the resolution to meet with the “appropriate people” to discuss the implementation of dual-degree audits on Wolverine Access.

“We don’t know how successful that will be, but it’s definitely something that I’m interested in personally, and I know other representatives are interested in,” Walser said.

MSA addresses several housekeeping issues

At last night’s meeting, MSA also passed a resolution amending attendance policies. Instead of being required to attend a committee meeting once a week, standing rules now allow representatives to attend either a committee or a commission meeting.

Additionally, the power to excuse absences was transferred from MSA’s president to MSA’s speaker.

MSA also approved Engineering junior Crissie Zuchora and LSA senior Adriana Coleska as new representatives, who were appointed to fill empty seats.

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