The Michigan Student Assembly is trying to combat problems with elections, student group funding and campus improvement issues by forming taskforces and funding initiatives.

MSA President Matt Nolan decided to ask the assembly to fund keeping the Central Campus Recreation Building open later for two days a week next semester after speaking with RecSports Director Bill Canning and recreation supervisor Jan Wells.

“If MSA authorizes the money next week, the CCRB will be open Sunday and Monday nights during the entire month of January and February until 1:30 a.m. instead of 11 p.m.,” Nolan said. “This will be our opportunity to give students exactly what they”ve asked us for.”

At last night”s meeting, LSA Rep. David Goldman introduced an amendment to the MSA Compiled Code that would allow the Budget Priorities Committee to fund student groups at more than one point during the semester.

“Basically we need to make these amendments to the code so we can change the way we do allocations,” Goldman said.

“We want to address what”s wrong and how to fix it with consitution reform and elections,” said Rules and Elections Committee Chair John Simpson.

Also concerning student group funding, former BPC chair Javier Restrepo is working on creating an MSA taskforce that will develop a website to detail all of the possible student group and project funding sources at the University, complete with applications and requirements for each group.

“There”s not a main source of funding information for student groups,” Restrepo said.

“There are a lot more student funding sources available on campus.”

The assembly will vote on the allocation for extended CCRB hours, changing the MSA Code to allow for three BPC funding cycles and creating the campus funding taskforce during next Tuesday night”s meeting.

Earlier, the assembly passed a resolution to support student presence at the 6th Circuit Court appeal of the University”s affirmative action trials and to fund buses for students to travel to Cincinnati for the hearing tomorrow.

“The University of Michigan is governed by the Board of Regents and they”re united in the general counsel”s defense of affirmative action even though they come from different political parties,” said LSA Rep. Rob Goodspeed.

“Our university is under attack,” LSA Rep. Kristen Harris said. “Its students are under attack, so going down (to Cincinnati) to support our university and its students is important.”

Goldman stressed that the assembly should encourage students with opinions on both sides of the affirmative action issue to attend the rally and hearing.

To follow up on a resolution passed last month to combat sexism on campus, the Women”s Issues Commission will be holding a roundtable discussion for all members of the campus community next Monday.

“This is a roundtable so the environment should be comfortable,” WIC co-chair Elizabeth Higgins said. “We want to brainstorm actions to take on campus and hear what everyone has to say about sexism and sexual assault.”

In addition, MSA published its first semi-annual report detailing the progress and achievements of its various committees and commissions.

The report is available in the MSA office located in room 3909 of the Michigan Union.

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