To the Daily:

I’m sure many students read the same e-mail from the new Michigan Student Assembly President Mohammad Dar that I did Tuesday. It encouraged students to exercise their right to vote in the all-important primaries here in Michigan. He emphasized that students have a responsibility to vote and went into great detail explaining the voting and registration process. Dar even detailed how students without valid, picture identification could obtain an affidavit allowing them to vote.

It’s too bad I didn’t receive that e-mail until five minutes before most polls closed. If I hadn’t already voted by 7:55 p.m., would I really have had time to vote? Additionally, Dar encouraged all students to come to the MSA’s Winter Open House, which had already started at 5:30 p.m. I don’t know about you, but I hope this isn’t an indication of how the remainder of Dar’s term will play out – if it is, bring back Zack Yost.

Thankfully University students didn’t need Dar’s message to be able to figure out that the primary was today. I still have a message for Dar, though: Get with the program.

Dustin Paige
LSA junior

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