At their second-to-last meeting yesterday evening the Michigan Student Assembly passed another highly contested resolution in defense of affirmative action at the University.

This particular resolution added the assembly”s name to a University-wide statement in opposition to the “anti-affirmative action court decision” handed down by U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman in the lawsuits against the Law School”s admissions policies.

The resolution also involved the assembly in organizing the National Student Conference to be held on campus this summer and a National March on Washington next year. LSA Rep. Peter Apel said the resolution was not appropriate because it specifically endorsed a student group.

Apel said the Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action and Integration and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary “does not need MSA support on campus,” adding that the assembly should remain “strictly neutral” about affirmative action.

Many assembly members said MSA should not diverge from its past trend of supporting affirmative action resolutions.

“For MSA not to have their name on this (statement) would be embarrassing to me,” said Law School Rep. Chris Sheehan.

The assembly also voted to establish a Child Care Taskforce to improve childcare options available to students. Alum Aimee Bingham said childcare at the University was second to last when compared to other Big Ten universities.

“There are two changing tables on this campus,” Bingham said.

“The decision to raise a family should never deter a student”s pursuit of higher education, especially on a campus as diverse as our own,” said Rackham student Tara Javidi.

Assembly members announced that for the first time in several semesters Advice Online has been updated.

“Advice Online is a service that allows students to see what their peers thought of classes,” LSA representative Zach Slates said.

Newly elected officers are LSA sophomore Alex Mcdonough as chair of the Tax-exempt Textbook Taskforce and LSA sophomore Monique Luse and LSA junior Leena Soman as co-chairs of the Minority Affairs Commission.

Next Monday the assembly will hold a special meeting to complete business before the Summer Assembly begins.

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