Jason Mironov accepted the Michigan Student Assembly
presidential gavel at last night’s meeting, as Angela Galardi
stepped down and ended her term as president.

As new president and vice-president, Mironov and Jenny Nathan of
the Students First party were sworn into office and joined by the
other new represenatives.

Mironov addressed the new representatives with advice for the
upcoming year.

“You are the face of MSA. … Smile,” Mironov
said. “Remember your platform.”

Nathan also encouraged the representatives to get involved with
the committees, commissions and task forces.

The newly elected assembly passed a resolution to fund more
buses for the March for Freedom of Choice on April 25th.

The assembly will pay an additional $6,400 for two extra buses.
The assembly has already funded two buses.

The resolution was brought up because the number of students
interested in attending the march was more than the assembly
anticipated, said MSA Rep. Ashwini Hardikar.

Currently, about 180 students are on the waitlist to travel to
Washington for the march.

But some representatives were reluctant to approve the

“Just because we have the money doesn’t mean we
should use the money,” MSA representative Brian Doughty

Many student groups might now begin to ask for funding for trips
that the assembly might not be able to afford, MSA Rep. Russel
Garber said.

The new members also voted to fund extended hours at the North
Campus Recreational Building on April 15. The building will remain
open from 11:30 p.m. to 1:30 am.

“I think it is a good opportunity to bring students to
North Campus and not only see the campus, use the facilities and
begin building the idea and sense that North Campus is a good place
to be,” MSA Rep. Kat McGee said.

“This is something for students to benefit from and begin
to make a connection between MSA and the North Campus
community,” McGee added.

But saying goodbye to the assembly and wishing good luck to the
new members of MSA was the main focus of the meeting.

Galardi ended her presidential report by addressing the new

“You are going to love this job more than I ever could
have,” she said to Mironov.

“You are going to do great things,” Galardi added,
looking at Nathan.

Outgoing Vice President Monique Perry also gave advice to the
new representatives.

“MSA is really what you all make it. You set the
tone,” Perry said.

She told them to remember students voted them into office and
they are accountable to them.

The last resolution that the assembly passed was the resolution
to fund Voice Your Vote at Relay for Life on April 3rd.

Relay for Life is a fundraiser to raise money for the American
Cancer Society.

MSA will rent a stage at the event to sign students up to

Voice Your Vote Commission Co-Chair Pete Woiwide said this event
would be a great opportunity to register voters.

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