Students First

  • Cuts to Student Affairs: “We must not tolerate budget
    cuts without student input- it’s our money, it’s our lives,
    we should make the choices.” — Presidential
    candidate Jason Mironov
  • Voter Registration: “As a student government, we have the
    resources and the responsibility to encourage civic participation
    in any way possible.

of party affiliation, students should realize the importance of
about political issues. When students don’t vote, politicians
don’t care
we think.” — Vice presidential candidate Jenny

  • Trotter House: “Trotter House holds special importance
    not only to minority students, but also to the university community
    at large in the form of increased understanding of and ability to
    experience different cultures.” — Mirono


Defend Affirmative Action Party

  • Defend Supreme Court victory in Grutter v. Bollinger:
    “Our campus prides itself on its diversity. If we allow the
    current attack on affirmative action through the misnamed
    ‘Michigan Civil Rights Initiative’ to succeed, our
    campus loses that diversity and the University will be de facto
    resegregated.”  — Presidential candidate Kate
  • Build up the May 15 march on Washington: “This May will
    mark the 50th anniversary of the Brown v. Board of education
    decision, and we will be mobilizing the campus and the nation to
    march against the separate and unequal conditions that still
    permeate American education.” — Stenvig
  • Reverse the cuts to Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness
    Center: “This is just not acceptable. Women on campus who
    have faced rape and sexual assault need a place to go for help and
    support.” — Stenvig


Independent candidates

  • Budget cuts: “We need to get on top of the
    University’s budget situation because the long-term effects
    of eliminating such critical parts of our campus are quite
    frightening.” — Presidential candidate Tim
  • Making MSA cohesive and productive: “Working to rebuild
    MSA’s reputation and productivity, eliminating divisiveness
    caused by the party system and remembering that we are there to
    serve students, not promote individual agendas.”
    Vice-presidential candidate Anita Leung
  • Student unification: “Residence Hall Olympics,
    CareerTools … these are all examples of great projects that serve
    all students,which is the essence of MSA.”

Other Political Party

  • Tenant rights: “The idea of bringing back the Ann Arbor
    Tenants’ Union is a phenomenal one but it can’t stop
    there, there needs to be more … The truly substantive measures of
    tenant’s rights will live and die by the Ann Arbor City
    Council.” — Vice-presidential candidate Matt
  • Housing: “I have campaigned on North Campus, and there is
    a strong sentiment to re-flatten the wave field so it may be used
    as prime real estate.” — Presidential candidate
    NickChuck Heidel
  • Beer: “I believe the next step is bringing beer back to
    the Big House in the vending booths as is common in many other
    arenas.” — Heidel

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