An LSA junior from Las Vegas, Nev., Gibran Baydoun is running as the presidential candidate for the reMichigan Campaign. Now in his third year on the Michigan Student Assembly, Baydoun said if elected he plans to refocus student government and advocate for the student body.

Max Collins/Daily

Baydoun said his primary focus as president would be to make the University affordable for students of all backgrounds.

“No. 1 is tuition and financial aid,” Baydoun said. “We need to advocate for a tuition freeze in the short-term, and in the long-term think about some creative options for the way that we make the Michigan experience affordable.”

Though tuition costs are a concern for both parties, Baydoun said his party plans to take a more proactive approach than the opposing party in solving campus problems.

“The one thing that separates us is we’re not just talking about lofty goals and ideas and visions,” he said. “We’re more than that.”

Baydoun said he also plans to engage in more extensive outreach to student organizations, provide students with more academic guidance and increase access to internship and job opportunities through the University.

He added that his plans for MSA also include efforts to create a closer relationship with University administrators.

Baydoun said he plans on “meeting with the administration, challenging the administration, working around the administration, working with the administration and having solid plans and backup plans to really tackle these tough issues.”

Largely responsible for planning this year’s “Go Blue, Live Green” homecoming campaign, Baydoun said he would like to involve more students in activities on campus — including MSA.

“I envision an assembly that is mobilized and that is in touch with students, that students can really believe in and that really is able to go to bat and knows what’s going on and is really able to fight for students in a way that has never been seen before on campus,” he said.

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