It isn’t often that one hears of anything significant going down in Ypsilanti. This past weekend, however, Ypsi became more than just another city whose name sported three consonants in a row.

The Mraz attack, a.k.a. Jason Mraz and his band came to the Eastern Michigan University campus Sunday night with the sound of a band that is destined to make it big. Only three years deep and a couple of band members later, and this indie rock group have already left a potent presence in the music world. Recently popularized by his TRL-ized video for the single “The Remedy,” Mraz will not be worrying his life away if he continues to produce such entertaining live performances.

Mraz’s stage strategy is genius. In most cases a guy has a hard enough time getting one girl to moan, but on Sunday night at the E.M.U. Convocation Center, Jason had nearly 1,000 moaning at the top of their lungs – literally. And that was only the girls.

The music, above all the sexual innuendos and jokes well worth the time to retell, was what really made the show. The new band members that have been touring with Mraz only since this past summer’s release of Waiting For My Rocket To Come, blended extremely well together in spite of their inexperience as a group. The setlist was expansive, playing an equal number of older songs like “Older Lover Undercover” and more recent material from his latest album radio plays “The Remedy,” and “You and I Both.”

The final song of the night clinched the show, though, as he performed a riveting solo version of “Hey Love,” minus the microphone – a display of Mraz’s amazing vocal talent that, along with his songwriting skills, will lead this band nowhere but up.

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