Walk to School Kids Records, find Mother Moon and consider yourself a better person. And don’t even worry, because when you start to wonder how you were able to survive without Daisy May’s music in your life, you’ll still have plenty of time to buy tickets for her April 6 show at The Ark.

Jessica Boullion
With that smile (and her music), Daisy May is going to conquer the world. (Courtesy of Earthworks)

What’s happened in the four years between May’s debut album Sleepless and her fourth album Mother Moon isn’t really a transformation, but a growth of sorts. Her music is still rooted in the simplicities of folk and country traditions, but it has moved away from unembellished, acoustic guitar accompaniment and toward full-bodied instrumentation that complements her soul-baring voice and breathes a new sound into an old style.

In addition to Seth Bernard on lead guitar and Drew Howard on pedal steel guitar, May is joined by Breathe Owl Breathe’s Andr

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