University alum Jaclyn Vresics, who was running for the first ward seat on the Ann Arbor City Council this November as an independent, has withdrawn her campaign for personal reasons, according to her co-chair in the Mixed Use Party, Will Leaf.

The Mixed Use Party is a group of students and Ann Arbor residents that want to simplify Ann Arbor’s zoning plan. The party is running on a platform of “non-discriminatory zoning” which deals with assigning districts based on the potential harms of individual buildings rather than on the type of neighborhoods.

Mixed Use Party candidate Conrad Brown, an LSA senior, is still running against incumbent city council member Jane Lumm (I–Ward 2). The party’s other candidate, Sam DeVarti, a student at Eastern Michigan University, is also still running against city council member Stephen Kunselman (D–Ward 3).

In a statement, Vresics said she will continue to support the party, though she can no longer continue campaigning for personal reasons.

“Although personal reasons require that I withdraw from the election, the Mixed Use Party has my unwavering support,” Vresics said in a statement. “I have full confidence in Conrad and Sam as candidates, and I maintain my belief that the party’s platform will bring much needed and beneficial change to Ann Arbor.”

Vresics was facing Ann Arbor councilmember Sabra Briere (D–Ward 1) for her seat in the upcoming general election in November. Briere has maintained a high attendance record for city meetings, as she was the only member of the City Council to participate in a Beyond the Diag effort, welcoming students living off campus.

Still working to develop the party’s infrastructure, Leaf said members have worked with professors and city planners to develop their zoning plan and party platforms.

Leaf said the party is also working on reaching out to residents who might share concerns about the city-zoning plan but are not students.

“This month we are going to approach environmental groups that want to stop urban sprawl and air pollution.”

The party is holding a mass meeting Sunday for students interested in assisting the campaign. Leaf said details will be released on their website.

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