The trickster from Brixton continues to contribute to the unique trip-hop genre that he pioneered, now with a four track EP. The new mini-collection of stylized rap, drum “n bass, and electronica comes off Tricky”s new label, Epitaph.

Paul Wong
Courtesy of Saint Martin”s Press LLC

As expected, the album contains much of the artist”s trademark lyrically abrasive sound the CD has as its last track “Divine Comedy,” a charming little ditty previously existent only as a bootleg. The recording is a virulent attack on the large, bureaucratic record labels that Tricky has associated with in the past. His bitterness is more than justified, however in recent years, the artist has been the target of racial remarks perpetrated by executives unsatisfied with black artists within the industry.

Despite the presence of genuine feeling on the album, Mission Accomplished is nowhere near as fresh or as rich as his prior work. In the early “90s, he rapped as a member of the highly influential group Massive Attack and then spun off into independence with the release of Maxinquaye in 1995 the merging of hip-hop with murky ambience on the album was quickly coined “trip-hop” by critics and this daring new sound became definitive of Tricky as a solo artist. Subsequent experiments with dissonant soundscapes and darker rap were also seen at fine form on Tricky”s last Island record, Angels With Dirty Faces.

Until this trip-hopper releases a full-length album, fans will be forced to wait for a return to former brilliance the title track on the EP is interesting enough (see if you can spot a prominent line from a Peter Gabriel tune) yet the song lapses into repetitiveness very quickly.

The thrashing guitars and electronic beats compliment Tricky”s stream-of-consciousness flowing but the limited track list and the plainness of style make the album a little harder to love and listen to multiple times. Have faith, however this artist will most certainly be returning soon with a tricky treat for his listeners.

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