The Ann Arbor Police Department declared retired University professor Charles Cannell missing Tuesday afternoon. Cannell, who has an office in the Institute for Social Research building, was last seen in the main lobby area.

Paul Wong

Cannell lives alone at Glacier Hills Retirement Community. Glacier Hills staff alerted a family member when Cannell could not be located Tuesday evening. Family members said his disappearance is unusual and they are concerned about his welfare.

Cannell, 88, is in good mental and physical health and uses a cane to walk. He drives a 4-door white Honda Accord and shops in the Traver Road Mall area often.

He has blue eyes, gray or white hair, and stands 5″10 tall. He weighs about 145 pounds. To report any information concerning his disappearance, contact AAPD Detective Greg Jones at (734) 994-2880.

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