Attention, attention!

Kate Green
M. LEVITAN/The Michigan Daily.

This is a notice that online staff is DRUNK (but not Kate sadly
she had to stay in)!

But you love us because you come to this website and view stuff.
These daily are girls are so special and fabuloous with a capital

Janna says hi.

Mira says &(#*&$))$#*)@*&^ )!))! because she swears
a LOT.

Kate G. says Matt Nathanson is HOTT (yes there’s two Ts for a

They wish you all a happy new year 30 days late.

This sucks because I made the daily online girls come in and
work while the whole rest of the staff intoxicated themselves.
Isn’t this an injustice to them?

That’s why I let them make this PRIORITY ONE.

Goodnight. In FRENCH that would be bonsoir.

Shouts out to: Julie, Amanda, Jenn G, Erin (even though you
don’t go to U of M), Ryan :-*, AJ P, Kevin M, Samira, Colleen, my
Samantha, Tony, happy bday Ted, Katey, Inder, the Vegetarians in
UTowers, Amita, Maxine C, Theresa K, Veronica, Jenn Y, Sue &
Rod Craig, Sonalee, Bono (J’s future husband), Peter Gabriel (as he
makes our hearts go BOOM BOOM BOOM) & Beth. Mad negative props
to the ex, rot!


Disclaimer: THIS

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