The Central Student Government Assembly focused on two initiatives Tuesday night: enacting its Winter 2015 budget and voting on a previously proposed resolution to increase the availability of power outlets in the Shapiro Undergraduate Library.

CSG treasurer Alex Abdun-Nabi, an LSA senior, presented the budget. He said the budget currently totals $356,695, but may change after the add/drop deadline, when the number of students enrolled in courses is finalized.

In the last week, the finance committee reviewed a resolution to add 67 new power outlets to the UGLi, and returned the proposal with a few suggested changes that were ultimately approved.

The project was originally slated to cost $8,772 and would have used outlets that included USB ports.

LSA senior Jacob Ruby, chair of the finance committee, said the group decided that it would be more valuable to invest in units with four outlets rather than units with three outlets and one USB port. This decision subsequently lowered the project’s cost to $8,400.

The finance committee approved installing the outlets as table fixtures, which Ruby said would be more sustainable than power strips.

“They should last for a long time,” Ruby said. “We should be able to get a lot of use out of them.”

Medical School representative Michael Yee motioned to postpone voting on the resolution because he did not feel comfortable voting without the project’s full budget breakdown in front of him.

After some debate, the resolution passed over Yee’s objection. Students should expect the new outlets in the UGLi when they return from spring break the second week of March.

In addition to the two orders of new business conducted, the CSG assembly inducted two new members.

LSA senior Rebecca Garfinkel, a member of the women’s softball team, was voted into the assembly as a representative for the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. Rachel Webb, an LSA junior, was elected to serve as CSG’s vice chair of communications.

The assembly also heard from Bryan Baker, the University’s new Division of Public Safety and Security liaison to Student Life, a position DPSS created in January.

Baker, who previously served as a DPSS supervisor for the past three years, introduced himself to the assembly and explained his role on campus.

“I am your new resource for addressing student safety concerns,” he said. “Anything that relates to safety and security will be my issue.”

Baker added that he will seek to make safety issues on campus more visible to students — namely alcohol consumption, sexual assault and campus climate related to race and inclusion.

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