When will Michigan know the final NCAA decision?

The Committee on Infractions, which decides Michigan’s ultimate fate, anticipates hearing the case during its February 2003 meeting, but could hear it as early as Dec. 13. The final decision will probably come six to eight weeks after the meeting.

What are the realistic penalties the NCAA could deliver?

The NCAA could raise monetary penalties to a punitive level, reduce the number of scholarships that Michigan can award, increase the number of years of probation, take away television privileges, and/or increase the length of Michigan’s postseason ban.

Why didn’t Michigan have to forfeit all of the games from 1991-92?

Martin did not become a “representative of Michigan’s athletics interests” until the spring of 1992 when he purchased a hotel room for the Webber family in Minneapolis for the Final Four.

Why didn’t Michigan take away any scholarships?

Michigan does not view the infractions as recruiting violations because it does not believe that Martin acted to direct players towards Michigan. It views the infractions as an “extra benefit situation.”

What will happen to the Championship banners?

The banners will be placed in the Bentley Historical Library, though Athletic Director Bill Martin said he had contemplated the idea of selling them on EBay.com..

Is anything being done for this year’s season ticket holders?

There are no new promotions for season ticket holders as of right now, but Martin said that he would love to hear any special ideas that fans had.

What is Michigan’s record from the fall of 1995 to the spring of 1999?


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