Coming off of spring break, the Michigan women’s golf team finished seventh out of a 16-team field at the Hurricane Invitational in Miami. Leading the Wolverines was sophomore Alyssa Shimel, who tied for 22nd, followed by Caramia Sitompul, who placed 34th and posted a team-best 74 in the second round.

Sitompul’s performance caught Michigan coach Cheryl Stacy’s attention.

“Caramia got off to a rocky start (but) composed herself well and pulled it together,” Stacy said.

The Wolverines needed to do just that to have their best tournament of the spring, but they’re not performing as they were earlier in the season. In the fall, the team had four top-five finishes. As Michigan placed 12th and 14th in their last two events before the Hurricane Invitational, this week was an improvement.

How will the Wolverines continue this turnaround? That question remains to be answered.

“(We) can’t quite put our fingers on it,” Stacy said. “(It) feels like they’ve been preparing well and (are) just not performing.”

Just two tournaments remain for Michigan as it will play in Mesa, Ariz. (March 16-18) and Melbourne, Fla. (April 9-10), before entering the Big Ten Championships at the end of April. With not much time to get back on track, the Wolverines still seem to be feeling good about their chances, and the lack of recent success hasn’t broken the team’s confidence.

“The team still thinks (it) can go out and play (the) next tournament and play great,” Stacy said.

Now would certainly not be a bad time for Michigan to begin playing as it did this fall. If they can build momentum with their final two events leading up to Big Tens, the Wolverines will not be looking to finish in the middle of the pack. Instead, they will be looking for the season to come full circle with a top-place finish.

It may have been over four months since their last top-five finish, but Stacy pointed out that “(our) goals are still lofty”.

Come time for the Big Ten Championships, we’ll know just how lofty these goals turn out to be.

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