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With just three returning players, the Michigan women’s basketball team needs its seven freshmen to grow up fast.

#11 Sierrah Moore

Guard 5’8’’ Long Beach, Calif.

Hidden Talent: Songwriting

Future Plans: Music Producer/Singer

Guilty Pleasure: Mrs. Fields Cookies

Favorite Part of Being a Michigan Student-athlete:  When we travel, we sleep in hotel beds instead of dorm beds.

Best Basketball Moment:  My sophomore year, when I was at Crenshaw High School, and we beat our all-time rival Dorsey High School.

Senior BreAnne McPhilamy on Moore:  “She’s a great singer. She won that Michigan idol competition. She entertains us on bus rides and stuff.”


#12 Jessica Starling

Guard 6’0’’ Tallahassee, Fla.

Nickname: “J-Star”

Favorite Basketball Accessory: Headband

Future Plans: School Principal

Favorite Coach Burnett Saying: “It’s all arithmetic.”

Least Favorite Dorm Food: Everything

Favorite Basketball Movie: “Love and Basketball”

Favorite University Building: Michigan Union

Favorite Artist: R. Kelly

McPhilamy on Starling: “She’s crazy. She’s just a goofy kid, always laughing about something. She’s got a good shot. We’re looking for her to help us on offense.”


#21 Becky Flippin

Guard 5’5’’ Springfield, Mo.

Nickname: “Beck” or “Flip”

Favorite All-time Michigan Athlete: Dan Dierdorf

Future Plans: Katie (Dierdorf) and Krista (Clement)’s cooking show judge.

Favorite Michigan Football Wave: “The Split”

Favorite Dorm Food: Vanilla ice cream cone

Least Favorite Dorm Food: Tofu

On Facebook?: No! I have no clue what they’re talking about. They make fun of me because Facebook is strange to me.

McPhilamy on Flippin: “We make fun of Becky for her Southern lingo. She’s got like a different language that she speaks. She’s like a little sister because she’s so small.”


#24 Krista Clement

Guard 5’9’’ St. Ignace

Future Plans: Katie and I are going to have a cooking show just like Iron Chef. Becky’s the judge.

Favorite University Building: Coliseum … I love men’s gymnastics.

Been Lost on Campus?: Yes, I’m a Yooper — this is a big place.

Favorite Coach Burnett Saying: “Airball is not an option.”

On Facebook?: Yes! I hear there’s a sweet Becky Flippin Fan Club! I need to get in it.

Favorite Dorm Food: Chicken Broccoli Bake

McPhilamy on Clement: “Kind of in charge of the freshmen, I’d say she’s kind of the leader of that group. She’s a very hard worker — she was always in the gym this summer and always wanted to run more than we had to.”


#40 Janelle Cooper

Forward 5’10’’ Detroit

Future Plans: I see myself owning my own dental practice.

Strongest Part of Your Game: Driving to the basket

Favorite Coach Burnett Expression: The rolling of the eyes

Favorite Athlete: Michael Jordan

Favorite Michigan Cheer: The Victors

Guilty Pleasure: Candy

Favorite Basketball Movie: Love and Basketball

Favorite Basketball Accesory: Headband

Favorite Thing to Do Off the Court: Sleep

Senior Tabitha Pool on Cooper: “Hard worker on the defensive and offensive end. Great rebounder. Really talks a lot in practice.”


#42 Katie Dierdorf

Forward 6’2’’ St. Louis

Funniest Practice Moment: “J-Star” getting hit in the face by one of Becky’s passes and rolling her ankle as a result.

Least Favorite Dorm Food: BBQ “Rib” Sandwich

Future Plans: Orthopedic Surgeon

Favorite TV Show: “Friends” … but now “The O.C.”

Funniest Teammate: Kelly Helvey because she always has a funny comment for every situation.

On Facebook?: Yes I am! (I like) getting to see pictures of people (I) haven’t seen since middle school.

Favorite Coach Burnett Saying: “Turnover is not an option.”

Favorite Basketball Movie: “Hoosiers”

Favorite Board Game: Candyland

Sophomore Kelly Helvey on Dierdorf: “Energizer who comes in and plays hard every game.”


#44 Ta’Shia Walker

Forward 6’0’’ Lansing

Nickname: “Shia”, “Shiabia” or “T”

Best Basketball Moment: When my AAU team won its fourth state championship.

Favorite Dorm Food: Taco night

Least Favorite Dorm Food: Everything else

Future Plans: Married, with a job for Nike being a sales exec.

Best Part of Being a Michigan Student-athlete: The tradition

Strongest Part of Your Game: Posting up and going up strong.

Favorite TV Shows: “I Love Lucy, Will and Grace, Golden Girls”

McPhilamy on Walker: “You don’t want to get in her way on defense, she’s very tough to guard. She works really hard down low.”


Coach Cheryl Burnett

“Our coaching staff could not be more pleased with this group. We wanted this group to come in and impact Michigan women’s basketball. Their intangibles are incredible as academicians, as citizens, as ambassadors of the University. And then, every day at practice they’re competitive. They want to learn. They are the cornerstone of the program.”


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