If you don’t know the Michigan Theater is the best theater in Ann Arbor, then you really need to get out more. Between concerts, lecture series, popular films, independent films and screenings of classic films, the Michigan Theater can meet everyone’s entertainment needs. And if entertainment isn’t your thing, the theater’s architectural beauty alone makes it one of Ann Arbor’s best establishments. If you ever go to an event there, stay until the lights come on and turn your attention away from the stage and toward the ceiling. If you’re not impressed, well, you’re a loser.

If nothing else, the Michigan Theater has refreshments down pat. The popcorn alone is worth the visit, and with free refills on the large bucket, it’s a party all movie long. And speaking of partying, a club membership is a must for frequent theater goers. I mean, come on, you can drink beer while watching a movie. All the cool kids are doing it.

The Michigan Theater would be the best in a lot of cities other than Ann Arbor, but let’s be frank — it doesn’t have much competition here. The Quality 16 serves a purpose, no doubt, but it doesn’t have the historical background or aesthetics to rival the Michigan Theater. And though the State Theater has that nostalgic Ann Arbor feel, it just isn’t as well-rounded as its counterpart down the street. No matter how you cut it, the Michigan Theater is Ann Arbor’s best.

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