For Ann Arbor residents, there are several options when it comes to seeing a movie. On campus, students have the choice between the State Theater or the Michigan Theater, both within mere yards of each other. Theaters out of walking distance include two megaplexes, Showcase and Quality 16, and the lone bargain theater, the Village Theater. But the true film buff, there is only one place to see a movie, the Michigan Theater.

Paul Wong
The Michigan Theater and its arch-rival, the State Theater. (DAVID ROCHKIND/Daily)

Since its construction in the 1920s, the Michigan Theater has been an Ann Arbor landmark. For years, patrons have enjoyed seeing the best from Hollywood and the art scene in the expansive 1700-seat main theater.

But the Michigan Theater is not restricted to motion pictures. Every year, the venue hosts an array of plays, events and musical acts, from Travis to The Ann Arbor Film Festival.

The Neighboring movie house, the State Theater, has been entwined with the Michigan since 1997. Prices for films are identical, but the cinematic experience between the two couldn’t be more contradictory. The State features broken seats, atrocious concessions and awkward stadium seating.

Of all the accolades that can be placed on the historic theater, none is more deserving than having the best popcorn. Unlike other theaters who use artificial butter and salt substitutes, the Michigan Theater uses the real stuff. Film goers often go over to the Michigan to get concessions before viewing a movie at the State.

Through generous donations, the Michgan Theater is able to maintain its historic beauty and provide Ann Arbor residents with the finest films available. Whether it’s “The Deep End” or “The Lord of the Rings,” the Michigan Theater is the ideal venue for films.

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