The Michigan football team released its depth chart for its opener against Utah on Saturday. Here’s the two-deep:

Sophomore Donovan Warren will start at cornerback and is listed as the fist punt returner.


1. Redshirt sophomore Nick Sheridan or redshirt Freshman Steven Threet

Running back
1. Freshman Sam McGuffie or freshman Michael Shaw
2. Junior Brandon Minor or junior Carlos Brown

1. Redshirt sophomore Mark Moundros
2. Sophomore Vince Helmuth

X receiver
1. Junior Greg Mathews or freshman Darryl Stonum

Z receiver
1. Redshirt junior LaTerryal Savoy or Stounum

Y receiver
1. Freshman Martavious Odoms
2. Sophomore Toney Clemons

Tight end
1. Redshirt junior Carson Butler or fifth-year senior Mike Massey or freshman Kevin Koger

Left tackle
1. Redshirt junior Mark Ortmann
2. Redshirt sophomore Bryant Nowicki

Left guard
1. Redshirt junior Tim McAvoy
2. Freshman Ricky Barnum

1. Redshirt freshman David Molk or redshirt junior David Moosman

Right guard
1. Moosman or redshirt sophomore John Ferrara

Right tackle
1. Redshirt sophomore Stephen Schilling
2. Redshirt sophomore Perry Dorrestein


Defensive end
1. Fifth-year senior Tim Jamison
2. Redshirt sophomore Greg Banks

Defensive tackle
1. Fifth-year senior Will Johnson
2. Sophomore Renaldo Sagesse

Nose tackle
1. Senior Terrance Taylor
2. Freshman Mike Martin

Defensive end
1. Junior Brandon Graham
2. Redshirt freshman Ryan Van Bergen
3. Junior Adam Patterson

Strongside linebacker
1. Senior Austin Panter
2. Redshirt freshman Kevin Leach

Middle linebacker
1. Redshirt sophomore Obi Ezeh
2. Fifth-year senior John Thompson

Weakside linebacker
1. Sophomore Marell Evans
2. Redshirt sophomore Jonas Mouton

Left cornerback
1. Fifth-year senior Morgan Trent
2. Sophomore Troy Woolfolk

Free safety
1. Junior Stevie Brown
2. Redshirt freshman Mike Williams

Strong safety
1. Senior Brandon Harrison
2. Fifth-year senior Charles Stewart

Right cornerback
1. Sophomore Donovan Warren
2. Freshman Boubacar Cissoko or fifth-year senior Doug Dutch


Kick return
1. Harrison
2. Trent
3. Odoms
4. Shaw

Punt return
1. Warren
2. Odoms

1. Fifth-year senior K.C. Lopata
2. Fifth-year senior Jason Gingell

1. Redshirt junior Zoltan Mesko
2. Redshirt sophomore Bryan Wright

1. Wright
2. Lopata

Long snapper
1. Fifth-year senior Sean Griffin
2. Redshirt freshman Tom Pomarico

1. Mesko
2. Sheridan

Quarterback: Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez said he has a gut feeling about whom he will start at quarterback.

“Can you keep a secret?” Rodriguez asked.

Of course Rodriguez didn’t share his instinct, and he said will use to this week to further evaluate.

He also said both Threet and Sheridan have progressed more than he expected. And although the starter could play the entire game if he plays well, Rodriguez anticipates he will play both.

“I would think that both of them have gotten to the point where we feel confident we can win with both of them,” Rodriguez said.

Running back: Even though the depth chart appears to list McGuffie and Shaw ahead of Minor and Brown, Rodriguez clarified all four running backs are on equal ground. There will likely be times when two appear in the backfield together.

Wide receiver: All outside receivers learn routes for both sides of the field. Rodriguez said his receivers typically know both positions by their second or third year. Savoy, Mathews, sophomore Junior Hemmingway (when healthy) and Clemons (who also plays in the slot) could play both sides right now. But Stonum, who enrolled in January, is the only player listed on the two-deep at both the X and Z positions.

“He’s a fast guy,” Rodriguez said. “He’s got good skills. He’s a pretty quick learner, too.

Tight end: Koger is listed as a possible starter at tight end along with the more-experienced Butler and Massey.

“He’s a very, very quick learner, very intelligent guy, and he’s obviously got some ability,” Rodriguez said. “He’s caught our eye is going to have an opportunity to play.”

Offensive line: Rodriguez said Moosman will probably start at either center or right guard. His decision will come down to whether Ferrara, who just switched to the position from defensive tackle last week, is better at right guard than Molk at center.

Defense: The defense, which returns seven starts to the offense’s three, is much more settled on the depth chart. Just one “or” appears. Cissoko or Dutch will backup Warren at right cornerback.

Punt return: Both Warren and Odoms will get the opportunity to return punts.

“Anytime you put a true freshman on the returns, it makes you a little nervous,” Rodriguez said.

Freshmen: Eight true freshman are listed on the two-deep depth chart. Six — McGuffie, Shaw, Stounum, Odoms, Koger — are on offense, and two — Martin and Cissoko — are on defense.

Wide receiver Roy Roundtree and middle linebacker J.B. Fitzgerald will play, too. And wide receiver Terrance Robinson would’ve played had he not been hurt.

Nine true freshmen were on the Wolverines’ depth chart for their opener against Appalachian State last year — Hemingway, Molk, Clemons, quarterback Ryan Mallett, running back Avery Horn, Evans, Woolfolk, Warren and long snapper Brendan Lopez. But none started. It’s likely at least eight will play this year.

Suspension and injures: Redshirt junior Kevin Grady, who practiced with the team during the fall, is suspended for Utah after pleading guilty to driving while intoxicated charges during the offseason. Rodriguez hasn’t determined how long the suspension will last.

“As long as I feel is deemed necessary,” Rodriguez said. “He’s got certain things he’s got to do, and he’s been doing them daily. So with Kevin, I know he’s learned his lesson, and he’s working hard to get back in good graces, and he’s done everything we’ve asked of him on the field and off the field. So if he continues to do that, we’ll lift the suspension at such due time.”

Redshirt junior right guard Cory Zirbel, redshirt freshman right guard Mark Huyge and Robinson would’ve likely appeared on depth chart but are injured and will miss the game.

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