Boosting the Michigan Student Assembly”s budget for student group funding is the main focus of the Michigan Party candidates running in next week”s MSA election.

“We want to spend a lot more money on student groups,” said Law student and Michigan Party chair Joe Bernstein. “The average student group gets only about 20 percent of what they ask for.”

Candidate Matthew Franczak, an Engineering senior, said one of the primary functions of MSA is “to allocate the mandatory student fees in a fair and efficient manner.”

At the same time, Franczak said he wants to “pass resolutions making following University rules a condition of MSA (financial) support.

“Groups that waste paper and annoy students by chalking, postering or using amplified sound in violation of University policies do not deserve to have students pay for them.”

The Michigan Party wants to change the way students are represented by MSA.

“This means making sure student fees are used responsibly and with the maximum benefit for the student body and lobbying the University to address actual student concerns,” Franczak said.

Michigan Party candidate Brandon Baier, an LSA sophomore, agrees that MSA needs to make drastic changes

“Essentially the Michigan Party is about becoming more involved with campus activities,” said candidate Ryan Machasic, an LSA senior. “We take a very strong stance on becoming involved in University issues.”

Baier said his party is interested in eliminating the time MSA spends on international issues.

“Passing a resolution on Burma isn”t going to do anything for students, but it actually happened last year,” Baier said.

Michigan Party candidates are interested in making several campus improvements.

Franczak said his party wants to improve bus services between North and Central campuses at night and on the weekends, an issue Franczak said has been addressed but never followed through by candidates in past campaigns.

The Michigan Party candidates want to start improving the quality of life on campus by improving the quality of food students receive.

Baier believes students “get charged too much for crappy food.”

The University residence halls should either charge much less for their meal plans or serve better food, Baier said.

“We want more local businesses to accept Entre Plus points so the students who eat at those places could use their Mcards instead of cash,” Baier said.

Machasic said his party wants the administration to hear students” opinions more loudly than in the past.

“We want to work on getting a student regent so we have more student involvement in that top echelon of the University,” Machasic said.

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