Room 1: Tailbacks

Paul Wong

Patient: Running back Chris Perry

Donor: Fullback B.J. Askew

Coach Lloyd Carr’s diagnosis: “If there is a more valuable player, I don’t know who it is.”

Dr. Ross’ Prognosis: Perry will continue to see plenty of action, but Askew will be the featured back in the offense. Against Minnesota and Michigan State Askew went off, rushing past the century mark and scoring two touchdowns in each game. Once Perry returns to 100 percent, Askew will return to fullback. Of course, Askew prefers tailback.

Room 2: Defensive backs

Patients: Safeties Cato June and Julius Curry; cornerback Zia Combs

Donors: Safeties Jon Shaw and Ernest Shazor; cornerback Jeremy LeSueur, respectively

Carr’s diagnosis: “The only thing I know is that when (June) left the field, he was conscious and was moving all his extremities.”

Dr. Goose’s Prognosis: Shaw has stepped up huge, and fans are excited by Shazor’s playmaking abilities. LeSueur has improved remarkably with his opportunies in replacing Combs at cornerback. The development of the young safeties is promising for the future.

Room 3: Linebackers

Patient: Linebacker Zach Kaufman

Donor: Linebacker Joey Sarantos

Carr’s diagnosis: “We lost Zach Kaufman for the season.”

Dr. Carter’s Prognosis: Sarantos, a redshirt freshman who nearly quit the team before the season began, jumped into the mix against Minnesota and recorded seven tackels and an interception. With Kaufman out for the season, Sarantos will have to energize a linebacker corps that has been off and on all season. Diggs will also be expected to shoulder some of the remaing load.

Room 4: Offensive Linemen

Patient: Offensive tackle Adam Stenavich

Donors: Offensive tackles Courtney Morgan and Tony Pape

Coach Terry Malone’s diagnosis: “I think (Stenavich) will be at 100 percent this week.”

Dr. Benton’s Prognosis: Morgan struggled against Iowa, but stepped up his game against Michigan State and Minnesota. Pape took over for Morgan at left tackle after Iowa and has been a force. Pape will likely move back to right tackle now that Stenavich is planning on making his return to the lineup for Wisconsin.

Waiting room

Patient: Fullback Sean Sanderson, defensive lineman Alain Kashama, safety Ernest Shazor, running back Tim Bracken

Donors: Still active; playing hurt

Coach Lloyd Carr’s diagnosis: “We’re not a very healthy football team right now.”

R.N. Hathaway’s Prognosis: Preliminary indications are that every player will continue to play and attempt to heal between games. Part of the game of football is playing through pain and each player should be commended for going on the field.

Room 5: Defensive Linemen

Patient: Defensive linemen Shantee Orr and Norman Heuer

Donor: Defensive lineman Grant Bowman

Coach Lloyd Carr’s diagnosis: Orr and Heuer “bring heart, experience and leadership to our team.”

Dr. Lewis’ Prognosis: In the starting role in place of Heuer, Bowman has flourished. He notched three sacks in Michigan’s thrilling 27-24 win over Penn State. Now that Orr and Heuer have returned to the field, the Wolverines’ line is as strong as it has been all season, as seen against the Gophers last week.

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