More than 2,400 of you took to the interwebs and completed our two-minute sex survey, with 45 percent male respondents and 55 percent women. We broke it down into those who have done the deed — 55 percent — and found out what you like, don’t like and have done in bed.

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What students last googled about sex:

For example: 978 of you have enjoyed the beauty of a one-night stand. Over 1,000 of you are sexting and Snapping dirty pics (thank you for not sharing the details with us). And surprisingly, University students are a pretty faithful bunch — only 17 percent of you have cheated on a boyfriend or girlfriend.

We’d like to thank you — the 211 people who’ve made a sex tape, the 998 people who fantasize about sex with a professor or GSI, the person who had sex in a janitor’s closet in West Quad — for being honest with us. With your help, we can tell you how students “make pancakes,” as some of you call it.

Recommended listening: Our playlist for doin’ the dirty (based on your suggestions). Check it out here.

*We recognize this survey is an unscientific look at sex on campus, and your STATS 250 professor might just shun these numbers. But hey, 2,400 people talking about sex on campus? It’s got to mean something.

Graphics by Alicia Kovalcheck.

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