1. Cleveland (92-64)

– Remember the movie Major League? Well, Cleveland fans, this time it’s a reality. Sadly, Tom Berhinger couldn’t cut it.


2. St Louis (97-60)

– With a Cy-young contender in Chris Carpenter and the ever-consistent Albert Pujols, these Cardinals should size those rings.


3. LAA Angels (89-66)

– The team formerly from the land of Anaheim has staved off a feisty Oakland team. But will Guerrero disappear in the playoffs?


4. Atlanta (89-67)

– Jeff Francoeur, Ryan Langerhans and Kelly Johnson. Yeah, no one knew who these guys were before the season.


5. NY Yankees (91-64)

– A slim and trim Jason Giambi energized the Yankees, and now they’re poised to retake first.


6. Houston (85-71)

–  Carlos Beltran is happy in New York, right?


7. Rafael Palmeiro (0-2)

– 3,020 hits, 569 home runs, 1835 RBI, one viagra endorsement, one count of lying under oath and one ruined career.


8. Chicago White Sox (94-61)

– “Shoeless” Joe Jackson and the Black Sox would be proud of a team choking down the stretch.



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