1. Southern Cal (4-0)

– Hold on… the Trojans just scored again. At this rate, Southern Cal will score more than Wilt Chamberlain.


2. Texas (3-0)

– Dear Vince Young,

You’re welcome for the hype.


The Michigan defense


3. Virginia Tech (4-0)

– The special teams and defense score more than Marcus Vick at a high school dance. And Vick knows how to score at one of those.


4. Louisiana State (1-0)

– After weeks of frustration, the Tigers finally return home tonight. Good luck, Tennessee.


5. Florida (4-0)

– Urban Meyer is making football at The Swamp fun again. Great news for the rest of the SEC.


6. Georgia (4-0)

– D.J. Shockley finally has the team to himself. Bulldog fans don’t mind at all.


7. Ohio State (3-1)

– Maybe Lloyd Carr should sport the sweater vest and tie. It works for Jim Tressel.


8. Florida State (3-0)

– Dear NCAA,

We hate you.



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