Use this map and accompanying infographic to figure out which neighborhood best fits your budget and needs.

Infographic by Nolan Loh
Analysis performed by The Michigan Daily

Data compiled by The Michigan Daily Copy Staff

How much do you pay for rent every month?


Elbel: The Michigan Marching Band lives here. They practice here. Other people must live near the Big House, too, but they must really love the marching band. And outdoor activities in fields. And picnics. And walking more than 15 minutes to class. But most likely, they just love saving money. Rent here is about $500/month, and the music and fresh air is free.

Greenwood: You know those houses where people dance on porches during Football Saturdays? People live there during the other days of the week, too. The location is coveted for sporting events, drunk food and workouts at the IM Building, but the 10-15 minute walk to Central Campus is only worth it because the rent is about $550/month.

Kerrytown: Are you old at heart? Are you just plain old? Chances are you already live in Kerrytown. The walk to campus is upwards of 10 minutes, but it’s worth it to get away from all those students. The Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market and People’s Food Co-op ensure that you get plenty of good, old-fashioned nutrition for your good, old-fashioned soul. But unless you’re living in a co-op and splitting the grocery bill, living can get pricey in those old-fashioned houses. Expect rent upwards of $700/month.

Main Street: Big city types, rejoice – Ann Arbor has a place for you. A small area nestled between North Main Street and North State Street is a concrete heaven for urban-minded students and non-students alike. If you don’t spend all your money frequenting the many restaurants this square of the city has to offer, you might be able to afford the $700-plus rent. But hey, just consider it as poor practice for when you finally move to New York or Chi-town.

Medical Campus: It’s not Central Campus, but at least it’s not North Campus. White lab coats and scrubs appear at dawn, disappear into medical buildings, then reappear at twilight to return to their houses, which are a short bus ride to most academic buildings. Grad students and undergrads alike choose the area north of Rackham as a strategic home, but other than the White Coat Ghetto, rent can be more than $650/month.

Oxbridge: The biggest downside to the Oxbridge area is its distance from campus. But what Oxbridge lacks in proximity, it makes up for in neighborhood community. The Elm and Walnut streets are famous (or rather, infamous) for their rowdy block parties, and fraternities and sororities are sprinkled all along Oxford Street. The rent is reasonable as well: prices generally range from $550 to $700 per month.

South University: If you’re a fan of college food, college bars and excessively priced college living, the South University area is the place to call home in Ann Arbor. With classic Ann Arbor staples such as Rick’s, Rich J.C. and more ATMs than you could ask for, the South U area is the closest living you can find near campus (as long as you don’t consider living in the UGLi as a viable option). Rent, however, is high: Expect prices to be $700-plus/month.

Tappan: For students in the Business or Public Policy school, the Tappan area is prime real estate for waking up five minutes before class. This convenience, however, comes at a cost: monthly rent generally starts at $700 in this area. But if you’re willing to fork over the cash, the proximity to class and Football Saturday tailgates can make the Tappan area well worth your money.

Correction Appended: A previous version of the article misstated where Washtenaw Dairy was located. It is in the Elbel neighborhood, not Kerrytown.

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