Look out AP and USA Today – The Michigan Daily Top 10 has arrived. Each week, Daily Sports staffers will fill out ballots, with first place votes receiving 10 points, second-place votes receiving nine, and so on. Every Monday, the results will be published, with first-place votes in parentheses.

1. Ohio State (8): Of course Tressel will say all the right things about Florida deservings its shot at the title. But wouldn’t it have been fun to watch those Saturday games with the team to see who they were really rooting for?

2. Michigan: Unlike various coaches around the nation, we aren’t about to penalize the Wolverines for having two weeks off just because the thought of a rematch with the Buckeyes for the championship is a little unconventional.

3. Florida: The Gators enjoyed the full benefits of an imperfect system, turning in their best effort of the season the one night every voter was guaranteed to be watching, to take the second slot in the BCS.

4. Louisiana State: Bad news for LSU fans: Everyone who bought Rose Bowl tickets looks stupid. Good news for LSU fans: Your team is headed to New Orleans to take on the overrated Notre Dame Charlie Weises.

5. Louisville: 11-1 Louisville was forced to root for its rival, West Virginia, which beat Rutgers in thrilling fashion Saturday night to give the Cardinals the Big East title and a BCS bid.

6. Wisconsin: Michigan, Ohio State and a weak schedule kept Wisconsin out of the BCS. The Badgers will now prepare to take on a talented Arkansas squad in the Capital One Bowl.

7. Southern Cal.: When is going to the Rose Bowl a disappointing season? When you are USC and are used to playing for national titles for three straight years. Instead USC will face Michigan in a battle of two teams that could have had more.

8. Oklahoma: It’s not very often that Bob Stoops and his Sooners fly under the radar. But considering the losses of Bomar and Peterson, the fact that Stoops has Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl after taking the Big 12 crown is very impressive.

9. Boise State: Why aren’t people making a fuss about Boise State getting robbed out of its title shot? OK, maybe not. But the Broncos did earn their way into the BCS mix and will get their chance to prove it against the Sooners.

10. Auburn: Think Auburn fans aren’t still thinking about that loss to Georgia? The loss will force the Tigers to sit back and watch an LSU team it already beat play in the Sugar Bowl.

Also receiving votes: Wake Forest, West Virginia, Arkansas.

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