1. Southern Cal (10): The Trojans made Ohio State look like a joke. If that’s the best the Big Ten has to offer, the conference might really be in trouble this year. See SportsMonday Column.

2. Oklahoma: The Sooners demolished Washington, the same team that almost beat BYU, No. 10 in our poll, last week. And with the bye week ahead, now they’ll have the time to sit back and talk about how great they are. They deserve it.

3. Georgia: After two blowouts against weak, non-conference teams, Georgia saw how tough the SEC is and snuck by South Carolina by just a touchdown. It will be nearly impossible to go undefeated in this conference.

4. Missouri: In the last two weeks, Missouri has defeated its opponents by a combined 101 points. But the Tigers allowed 42 against their only legitimate opponent, No. 22 Illinois. Will their defense hold up come Big 12 season?

5. Florida: Even though the Gators didn’t play this week, they still slipped a spot in our poll. Sound familiar? How’s karma?

6. Louisiana State: At least one coach seriously linked to Michigan’s coaching search last year is having some success this year. Rutgers coach Greg Schiano and Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez can’t say that.

7. Texas: Hurricane Ike 1, Texas 0.

8. Wisconsin: Seriously, why were you playing at Fresno State? Aren’t you a top-10 Big Ten team? They better rest up for their tough road test in two weeks — we’ve heard those Wolverines are dangerous.

9. Auburn: Even the Detroit Tigers would be unhappy with this offensive output. 3-2? We would have rather watched the baseball game.

10. BYU (1): BYU is the new chic pick after its 59-point drubbing of UCLA, which makes us wonder — when’s the last time anything chic came out of Utah?

Also Receiving Votes: Texas Tech, Alabama, East Carolina, Penn State, South Florida, Wake Forest

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