The Michigan Daily Top 10 returns for its first installment this season. Each week, Daily Sports staffers will fill out ballots, with first place votes receiving 10 points, second-place votes receiving nine, and so on. The results are published with first-place votes in parentheses.

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1. Southern Cal (11): The Trojans somehow received the most votes even though they didn’t play last week. And with the biggest regular-season game in the nation looming next weekend, they’ll have to earn it to stay here.

2. Georgia (1): Congratulations to the Bulldogs for being able to beat a middle-of-the-road Mid-American Conference team better than Michigan can.

3. Oklahoma: Cincinnati should feel good about the fact that it scored 26 points against the No. 3 team in the nation. Oklahoma should feel ashamed. Where’s the Stoops defense?

4. Florida: Remember when the Miami vs. Florida game was a big deal? Too bad the Hurricanes would probably lose to Central Florida now.

5. Missouri: Missouri defeated its instate rival by 49 points. Well, more like instate opponent.

6. Ohio State: Even Michigan was in more of a position to win in the fourth quarter than the Buckeyes were this weekend. Good luck with the Trojans.

7. Louisiana State: Hurricane Gustav 1, LSU 0.

8. Texas: Props for being the only top-10 team to play on the road this weekend. No, West Virginia, you don’t count. You didn’t show up.

9. Auburn: The Tigers will continue dominating the state of Mississippi next week against Mississippi State. But it might be tough if they keep turning the ball over in their own red zone.

10. East Carolina (1): The Pirates might be the first No. 10 team to receive a first-place vote in our poll. Of course, now that they’re actually ranked, they’ll lose every game from here on out.

Also receiving votes: Kansas, Alabama, California, Wisconsin, Texas Tech

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