The Michigan Daily Top 10 returns for its second-to-last installment in this upside-down season. Each week, Daily Sports staffers will fill out ballots, with first place votes receiving 10 points, second-place votes receiving nine and so on. The results are published with first-place votes in parentheses.

1. Louisiana State (7): The Tigers left little in doubt this weekend, scoring an easy win over Ole Miss. But with the retirement of Lloyd Carr, it will be interesting to see how players deal with the “Les Miles to Michigan” rumors.

2. Kansas (2): Jayhawks coach Mark Mangino may not be able to fit through your average doorway, but the man sure can coach. Kansas can really prove it’s as good as its undefeated record by beating Missouri this weekend.

3. Missouri: The Tigers, like the rest of the Big 12, have been flying under the radar all season long. Not anymore. Missouri faces Kansas next weekend in a game that will go a long way in clearing up the National Title picture.

4. West Virginia: It seems like Pat White and Steve Slaton have been around forever. But guess what … they aren’t going away just yet. With Kansas or Missouri losing in the next week, the Mountaineers could sneak into the title game.

5. Ohio State: All appeared to be lost after the Buckeyes lost to Illinois a week ago. Now, after a convincing win here in Ann Arbor, Ohio State has ensured itself a berth in the Rose Bowl – which it hasn’t been to since 1997.

6. Georgia: Mark Richt has the Bulldogs rolling lately. After a slow start, they have reeled off five straight wins, and with a victory over rival Georgia Tech this weekend, the Dawgs could secure an at-large spot in a BCS bowl game.

7. Arizona State: Even when the Sun Devils started out undefeated, it was widely accepted they would fade. But two weeks from the conclusion of the season, Arizona State still controls its own destiny, sitting atop the Pac-10 standings.

8. Virginia Tech: Remember how Virginia Tech and Miami were supposed to dominate the ACC year in and year out? Well, the Hokies have held up their end of the bargain, and a win this week over Virginia gives them a spot in the ACC Title game.

9. Oregon: No Dennis Dixon and no Jonathon Stewart means no BCS Title game for the Ducks after losing to Arizona this past weekend. To make matters worse, Dixon likely lost the Heisman by undergoing season-ending surgery Friday.

10. Southern Cal: They may not win a National Title this season, but the Trojans have quietly rebounded from a mid-season swoon and can secure a share of the lead in the Pac-10 with a win over Arizona State this weekend.

Also Receiving Votes: Hawaii, Oklahoma, Florida, Illinois

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