The Michigan Daily Top 10 returns for its 10th installment this season. Each week, Daily staffers will fill out ballots, with first place votes receiving 10 points, second-place votes receiving nine, and so on. The results are published with first-place votes in parentheses.

1. Alabama (8): Undefeated Texas Tech beats the No. 1 team in the nation. The Crimson Tide, also undefeated, beat Arkansas State and moved up to the top spot. This must be what they call “fuzzy math.”

2. Texas Tech (8): Red Raider fans are probably still on the field. They better get back in the stands before next week’s game against Oklahoma State or they’ll incur more unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

3. Penn State (2): Paterno lost his coaches’ poll vote in 2004 after he wanted to vote for an undefeated Auburn over BCS title game winner Southern Cal. Bet he wishes he voted for the Trojans now.

4. Florida: In his autobiography, Urban Meyer promised to make “a big deal” about Georgia’s touchdown celebration last year. Calling two timeouts in the final minute of a 39-point blowout proves he’s the jerk he claimed to be.

5. Texas: After the game, Colt McCoy said the Red Raiders busted up his lip a little bit. They might have also busted his Heisman campaign. He’ll be able to pad his stats against Baylor this weekend.

6. Southern Cal: Since losing to Oregon State at the end of September, the Trojans have outscored opponents 214-20. Michigan has allowed fewer than 20 points i n just two game and scored a whopping 193 points this year.

7. Oklahoma: Bob Stoops is 60-2 at home with the Sooners. Rich Rodriguez is 2-4. At this rate, it will take nearly five more seasons for Stoops to have as many home losses as Rodriguez already has in Ann Arbor.

8. Oklahoma State: Oklahoma State scored so many times against Iowa State that Cyclone Leonard Johnson set an FBS record for most kick return yards in a game.

9. Utah: Ute quarterback Brian Johnson passed Alex Smith’s school record for most wins in program history. On behalf of the Michigan football team: You’re welcome.

10. Boise State: For the 10th consecutive year, Boise State has won at least seven games. Oh, yeah? Well, Michigan has a 23-year streak of at least seven-win seasons. Uh….

Also Receiving Votes: Ball State, Texas Christian, Louisiana State, Brigham Young, Missouri, Minnesota

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