Superfan wants YOU … to buy basketball tickets

Michigan Football

When you’re popcorning it up in the Maize Rage come
winter, you’ll be led by the man simply known as
“Superfan V.” Senior Ryan Shinska — current
president of the Maize Rage — looks to finish out his
undergraduate career by helping the Wolverines bring a Big Ten
title banner to Crisler Arena. The Richmond native, who will attend
dental school next fall, is calling for you all to join him in
“the House that Cazzie Built,” as student tickets are
still available.

Alright, enough of the Maize Rage plug, its time to talk picks.
Sharad Mattu jumped into the lead for the first time this year,
following a 9-5-1 week. But Chris Burke, Gennaro Filice and the
celebs sit just two games behind. Bob Hunt needs to keep his day
job … or, since this is his current vocation, Bob needs to quit
his day job. And on that note, you might want to stay away from
Hunt’s best bet because a Bob best bet has become a kiss of

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