How many times have you been at the Big House and suddenly
wondered, “How’d the volleyball team do last night in
its showdown against Penn State?”

Michigan Football

Well, Doug Karsch is there for you.

When Michigan calls that timeout on third-and-goal, Karsch is
the man who suddenly appears on the scoreboard (isn’t his
voice always a little too loud?) and supplies you, the fan, with
scores you so desperately crave.

Few realize this, but Karsch runs up and down the campus, camera
in tow, to cover every single Michigan athletic event. At least he

So, since he presents himself to 110,000 people a week as the
university’s sports guru, we thought we’d see how much
he really knows. Hence, the women’s soccer and field hockey
lines that we made ourselves.

Got a problem with those lines? Take them up with Chris Burke,
who thinks he knows everything after his 10-5 showing last

But all four football writers need a good week, as they’re
well behind the celebrities.

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