Solid showing keeps celebs out in front

Michigan Football

Eric Adelson didn’t do well enough to capture the weekly
title — Chris Burke’s 10-5 run did that — but the
ESPN the Magazine writer did well enough to keep the Ann Arbor
celebrities comfortably in first. And it was good enough that it
forced us to run that picture of him again. How tall was the
photographer that took that photo? Three feet? I didn’t know
Mini-Me shot for GQ Magazine.

Meanwhile, Burke has decided to dedicate his win to Gabe
Watson’s next sack — which will come at Indiana —
provided that Watson dances when he gets it. Nothing special …
just The Worm or The Macarena. Something sweet. Or point to the
Daily writers in the press box.

Florida screwed everyone over, winning by 17 and missing the
spread by two. But Louisville notched everyone a point when the
Cardinals destroyed North Carolina — almost basketball
season, Tar Heel fans.

Gennaro Filice — the only former football player in the
competition — fell to last place with a shaky 7-8 showing,
quieting his trash talk.

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