When Keith Hafner sent us a photo with him donning a suit and
tie, we should have known he meant business.

Janna Hutz

Simply put, Hafner proved college football knowledge is not a
requirement to be part of the Daily’s football beat. Just
think about how well he’d have done if he weren’t so
blindly loyal towards Michigan.

On to the important stuff.

Chris Burke’s picks, suspiciously strong in week one,
stunk in week two, and Gennaro Filice’s best bet didn’t
cover. In fact, it lost 44-7. Ouch. But at least that team is
coming to the Big House this week.

For the second straight week, Bob Hunt started strong and

And while Sharad Mattu bounced back, the LSU loss nearly crushed
his spirits.

We leave you with this:

“Keith Hafner’s Karate has helped me with my
business and personal life.”

“My kids are so much more respectful since joining Keith
Hafner’s Karate.”

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